Kutoa Year in Review: Travel that Gives Back in 2013

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Ecoteer Malaysia

Checkout what some of our Kutoa members did for their local communities in 2013!  We are so proud of all that they do to support sustainable ecotourism and responsible development. 2013 in

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Winter Wool Sale – Free Shipping at Kutoa Marketplace

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Winter Wool Sale

Christmas is coming, and so are snowfights, cold commutes, and chilly winter walks.  Stock up on awesome handmade gifts from around the world at Kutoa Marketplace.  Right now, all wool products qualify for free shipping.  Hats for babies, kids, and adults ... iPad cases ... Peruvian Bags ... Baby Booties and

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Basics of Urban Backpacking: Seeing the World Inexpensively

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traveler with backpack on train station platform

So you have a serious case of wanderlust, but not much money for a travel budget? If you have a backpack and a good pair of shoes, you've got a good start on a budget-friendly adventure. Traveling, especially abroad, is exciting and adventurous as long as you do it prudently. Protect your Identity The threat of identity theft is multiplied in unfamiliar territory.

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All time most inspiring travel video

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Our favorite - the all time most inspiring travel video.  Enjoy. Learn and see more at   And the 2012 continuation of the journey here. I absolutely love

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Where to go, When to go, and What to do in Belize – Serenity Sands B&B

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Serenity Sands B&B, Belize

This summer, my mother and I hopped down to Belize for a quick girls' trip for her birthday.  We stayed at the lovely Serenity Sands B&B, one of the original Kutoa members, and learned the story behind the adventurous owner. Where to go in Belize - Serenity Sands B&B Penny Lebrun, born in Wales, moved to Canada as a youngster for her father's work, married a

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Breathtaking Desert Tours for the Hardcore Adventurer

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Hardcore Adventures

Imagine witnessing a majestic sunset, made all the more beautiful by flowering cacti and stunning bluffs. Set your desert adventure into action by taking a little time to research and book an ATV tour. Choosing between desert adventures can be difficult, given the vast selection made available by dozens of expansive state and national parks, but a few particularly notable

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Make Your Friends Green With Envy With These Eco-Friendly Trips

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"Going green" in everyday life means recycling bottles and cans, choosing Energy Saver appliances, using mass transit when possible, and planting native landscaping.  But if going green means having that lifestyle 365 days a year, what happens when you go on vacation? Green Travel That's where ecotourism comes in. According to the International Ecotourism Society,

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Is Travel Part of the Work Life Balance?

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Kids on Inca Trail

The Mayer / Sandberg Debate on Work Life Balance Over the past two weeks, work life balance has featured prominently in the news.  Marissa Mayer, Yahoo's CEO and the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company, reneged on Yahoo's prized work from home tradition.  Critics skewered her for taking away the flexibility that moms and dads enjoyed while working for the internet

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How Social Entrepreneur Ben Keene Devised Tribewanted: Hip, Sustainable Living

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Ben Keene, Tribewanted

Ben Keene, the social entrepreneur behind Tribewanted, explains how to be green through sustainable world travel and ecotourism. What did you do before you started Tribewanted?  Worked for Madventurer - an adventure travel company.  Drove Land Rovers to Timbuktu. Set-up sports projects in the South Pacific.  So, fortunately, I was never on the path to a

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Blending in: Savvy tips on exploring Larnaca like a local

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Larnaca, Greece

Larnaca is steeped in culture and history, with numerous ancient sites to explore during a trip to coastal Greece.  Car hire in Larnaca makes it easy to investigate the local areas of interest at your own pace, rather than being tied to the schedules of organised group trips. Larnaca Salt Lake is one of the most attractive areas to visit.  Visitors can enjoy stunning

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Tribewanted Contest, Monestevole, Italy | Creating Sustainable Communities One At A Time

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Tribewanted Umbria Competition

  Tribewanted creates sustainable, income-earning communities around the world.  One at a time.  Local community members partner with international Tribe Members to create sustainable development, ecotourism, and a model community. Would you and a friend like to be one of the ‘first-footers’ at the launch party and opening week of Tribewanted

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Socially Green Revolution 2012: 10 Inspiring Stories on Travel that Gives Back

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Socially Green Revolution 10 Inspiring Stories of Travel that Gave Back in 2012 Hi friends, Almost the end of another year - crazy! What did Kutoa's 75 hotels, ecolodges, and adventure companies do for their communities in 2012? Read on ... and be inspired. In this newsletter: South

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